A leaky Christmas

December 30, 2008

We had a great Christmas this year. All our children in the house! Rafael and Itzul were with us this year. Last year Rafa was still in my belly, and Itzul was in LA with her mom. The only real problem was the horrible snow and ice situation. Carlos discovered one of our living room windows was leaking, then realized a window in Itzul’s room was doing the same thing. I’m still not positive how the water was getting in, since most of what was outside was frozen and the highs Christmas week never really broke 20, but I guess it had to do with heat from our roof or walls melting that first layer of snow, which then froze, expanding and forcing its way into our siding, or the window’s frame, then getting closer into our house and the heat source, and eventually turning into a drip. So I was a nervous wreck most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day wondering when the leak would end, how much this was going to cost us, etc.
Besides our house brining on that headache, we tried to make the best of the holiday

On Christmas Day, after way too much TV and a couple of toys already broken or missing, we decided to go sledding. This is the kind of thing we could never do in LA. And truthfully, it’s not really common for Walla Walla either. We drove to the bike and skate park a couple of minutes from our house and found tons of like-minded people. Diego loved going down the sled, and it was a lot more thrilling (and scary!) than I had expected. We even let the baby have a go at it, very slowly and carefully of course.


Photog Diego

December 29, 2008

For his third birthday, we got Diego a little digital camera made just for toddlers. We figured it would distract him from wanting to use our camera all the time. It is encased in rubber, has dual view finders and even has a little screen to see the pictures he just took.

Here are some of my favorite pictures he recently took:

And one of the photographer, taken by me.