Here’s to 2010

February 1, 2010

Photo Diego took in Spring 2009 with his toddler camera

I’m picking a fitting day to restart my blog. Tomorrow the plumber guys come to our house to fix a plumbing problem that we’ve had since we first moved into the house. We’d kinda forgotten about it, or chose to forget about it, knowing that it would eventually come back to haunt us.

I keep thinking about Newton’s third law. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t know why I keep wanting to apply this law to economics or my everyday actions when it has to do with gravity.

Anyway, we get a nice tax return this year. But a big chunk of it is going to replace our main line. An action, with an opposite reaction. Or maybe that’s just life. I feel like the old couple from “Up” who keeps saving for the trip to South America, except life’s accidents keep eating up their cash. Grrr…

Today was a nice day. Carlos took the boys to the children’s museum and I got to work on our rain gutters. I was shoveling mud out of them. How does mud get into rain gutters? Anyway I only made it down one side of the house, because I started to get nervous on the ladder. It was another cool day where we ate all our meals at home, like we are trying to do most weeks. I made blueberry pancakes in the morning, tuna salad sandwiches for lunch, and an Asian stir-fry with udon noddles and veggies at night. Yesterday was the exception. We went to the Tri-Cities specifically to go to Red Robin, pigged out on burgers, fries and mac n’ cheese (for the boys), then strolled through the mall and let the boys play in the kiddie area. We took some Cinnabon’s for the ride home, and just had sandwiches and soup for dinner.

I was really proud that we didn’t buy the boys any toys. We took a side trip to Toys R’ Us kind of to show Diego that we can go to a store and not necessarily have to buy anything. He had a tough time with it. He wasn’t even really sure what he wanted, just knew he had to walk out with SOMETHING. We saw some things he liked that he might get as a treat for Valentine’s Day or Easter. It’s a long way to his birthday and Christmas!

I’m gonna try to write every day again, and load a picture that Diego has taken every day. His pictures are way cooler than mine. My goal for each day is to only buy essentials, and eat most our meals at home.


One Response to “Here’s to 2010”

  1. sara said

    yeah! you’re back! Can’t wait to see pictures of the kidlings.

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