The catch-up

May 4, 2009

So much already happening this year. I guess we’re getting closer to the half-way mark. We celebrate three years in Walla Walla in August. Carlos and I have been together 5 years. Diego turn 4. We head to LA for what is going to be our annual summer trip to see grandparents, family and friends.

My big news around here is that Rafael, all of 14-months, is finally walking like a champ. And he’s having more nights of sleeping soundly. He’s also rolling out his beginner vocab.

Rafael’s favorite words so far are:

DADA (screamed in the direction of Carlos)

Ashes, ashes… (in a sing-song voice, from our many rounds of Ring Around the Rosies)

MAMA (but not as loud as DADA)

DEGO (it’s so cute to hear him say his big bro’s name).

I also think he is fumbling around with Algar, and he points and smiles at Itzul so he is probably working on that one as well.

I’ve been teaching Diego to hum the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars, and I swear Rafael is picking it up as well. If I can get that one on YouTube, watch out.

But my biggest delight, the thing that has brought me immeasurable joy, is that we have brand new windows throughout our house. This means that after three years, we finally have windows that open. We can finally let fresh air in!

Our house was built in 1947, and the windows had been in place that long. I think 60 years is a pretty good shelf life for windows. There is also an addition, that added the master bedroom and bathroom, done in the late 70s I believe. Those windows were different, but I didn’t consider them “new” or “efficient” in their 30 years.

We’re slowly adding little touches to our house that is making it more “ours” every day. We got around to painting our living room, and our kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom are next. We tried our hands at landscaping out front and hope the little flowers and plants we picked survive the summer and winter.

I gave our roses a good grooming during the winter, and it looks like they might be really nice this year.

When I find our camera I am going to post pictures of all these little projects I’m noting.

July can’t come soon enough. Even though I have the freedom to work from home if I must, or if I’m sick, it will be nice to have that leisure time with no responsibilities beyond the immediate family.

We’re also experimenting with contracting a maid. She’s only come out once so far, for three hours, but I think this is a relationship that is only going to blossom. I can’t explain how hard it is to work full-time, be a mom, and try to keep the house in order. She’s really only doing the grunt work of vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing the bathrooms and kitchen. The laundry, dishes, and general tidiness of the house is still on us. Anyway, we only budgeted for 6 hours a month.

Our current situation, of both working full time, and having no family to help around the house, has been really tough. The last thing we want to do with our down time, or on our weekends, is mop, sweep, and scrub bathrooms and counters. But that is what would happen, and then we’d miss time with the kids. I think I may love this arrangement. It costs, but it’s cheaper than having me cut back on hours or not work, which we had also considered. Sometimes being a grown-up stinks.


One Response to “The catch-up”

  1. sara said

    do it! get a housecleaner – it’s the one thing I WISH I had! It will change your life and be worth the money for the extra time you can give your kids.!!

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