teens: creatures of the night

August 21, 2008

The teen is back in the house, and back in full social swing. She had some buddies over one day, and spent the night at a friend’s a couple days ago. Last night it was a concert at a coffee shop downtown. After the concert, which got out a bit before 11 p.m., she came home with a friend who was staying the night with us.

It’s always interesting to see the late-night workings of teens around the house. Most of the attacks are in the kitchen. One morning we woke up and found the girls had baked a cake. They’d eaten half of it and the rest was in the fridge. But we’d had lasagna that night, and Carlos had made them hand-wash the baking dish for their cake. In the morning I found a stash of what seemed to be perfectly clean paper towels in the trashcan. Being my mom’s kid, I fished them out of the trash, found them a bit damp, but not smelly or stained in any way. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. Carlos solved the puzzle for me. They’d used a wad of paper towels to dry the baking dish after they washed it. I spread them on the kitchen counters for reuse.

Last night, when Rafael woke up for some late-night/early-morning nursing, I could hear the girls in the kitchen. The lights had been left on, but as I was getting ready to head over there and turn them off, someone flipped the switch. I checked my cell phone and it was right around 3 a.m. I felt a bit of anxiety building up but then remembered it’s summer, they’re 14, and at least they’re at home. So in the morning, there were some new bowls in the sink. Half a pomegranate in the fridge; some of the other half in the trash. Half an apple in the trash. Someone made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And Ramen.

I have a feeling when we head home for lunch at noon, the girls will still be snoozing. It’s a great day for sleeping in, too, because storm clouds rolled in and its a gray, windy, slightly rainy day.


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