Peter and the Wolf

August 15, 2008

I’m auditioning for a community symphony in two weeks. I guess I could argue that I’ve been playing the flute for almost 20 years now, but the truth would be I’ve only picked it up randomly in the last 10. There was that semester I majored in it in college, but all that theory and composing knocked the fun out of it for a while. I do remember taking it out to show Itzul how to play “Sally’s song” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But even that was a few years ago now.

This all started when we were dropping off Itzul’s rental trumpet to the music store in the big city that’s 40 miles from here. While we were leaving I saw a flyer calling for flutes, horns and some other instrument to audition at the end of the summer for the Tri-Cities Symphony. Some of my fondest memories from high school, and growing up, are playing my flute in a youth symphony. It was so different from playing in the school groups because only the best kids in the area got chosen to play. I played in our town’s symphony, the Glendale Youth Symphony, for three years. Even though I decided not to major in music, despite my teacher’s insistence, it’s something I’ve always thought about pursuing again.

With that said, I highly doubt I’ll make it. They sent me a packet of music to rehearse: Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, Daphnis et Chloe…these are all extremely challenging on the flute…even worse when you haven’t played consistently for 10 years.

The first go at Peter and the Wolf was especially painful. I think the baby cried. Flute is also really really shrill and loud. A few weeks into it and the music started making sense. My fingers woke up and the passages were starting to transcend from seemingly impossible to almost easy.

But now it’s been almost two weeks since I seriously practiced. I need to get myself back in shape if I’m going to go through with this. I’ve decided, though, that even if I’m not totally rocking all the songs for the audition, I’m going to do it anyway so I won’t have any regrets. Maybe they’ll hear some potential in me and I’ll get back something that I enjoyed so much, so long ago.


4 Responses to “Peter and the Wolf”

  1. sara said

    I’m completely boggled that you would even find time to be in an orchestra let alone practice – and how I envy you. Sounds like fun!!!

  2. Alasdair said

    I’m rooting for you – I think it is very cool you’re going to go for it!

  3. cathie said

    You Can Do It!!! Wishing you lots of luck! Glad to hear things are good after your LA adventure!

  4. mipilar said

    The more I think about it, the less I think I will actually make it. I am just remembering how good my private flute teacher was, and that I’m probably going to compete with people like that. I think at this point it’s more to just say I did it.

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