80s dance flicks

January 17, 2008

We discovered a new (well, old but new to us) phenomenon last night, a little known movie genre that appears to have tired its best to catch hold in the 80s, with little impact. The film was “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and we’ve placed it in the 80s dance movies category. It wasn’t a musical, but it was saturated with sporadic dance sequences, one even involving well-choreographed punks crashing a debutante ball.

We Netflixed this movie because I had never gotten around to watching it before, even though it was released in 1985. Carlos and Itzul hadn’t even heard of it.

It stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as the odd-couple friends who want to get on a TV dance show. I wasn’t prepared for how goofy it was, but it was still fun to watch.

The film brought to mind all the other 80s movies with dance as its central theme. Here’s a few that we came up with:


I guess there was some kind of dance revolution going on among 80s teens that I missed. Then again, I was still an adolescent when these movies came out. Maybe it’s like the “Bring it On,” “Step Up” or “You Got Served” films of recent years.


5 Responses to “80s dance flicks”

  1. Allison said

    I loved that movie when I was a kid. I wanted very badly to be Sarah Jessica Parker. In fact, the first tape I ever purchased (actually, my parents purchased for me) was She’s so Unusual by Cyndi Lauper because I wanted the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” song. I liked all of the cheesy dance genre movies.

  2. cat said

    Oh I was one of the girls who watched this movie back in the day, I watched it on cable though, what a cable junkie I was and still am. This movie is a classic in it’s cheese and silliness and I love every moment. I still remember the finale dance routine the most. I don’t think I’ve seen this in a long time.

  3. Kimberly said

    sadly I’ve seen this movie…SJP at her finest! lol

  4. HBA said

    Footloose and Flashdance these two movies have changed my life…in that periode that was also the beginning of the boom of break dance and hip hop mouvement…i remember myself and brother dancing like fools on music in the street…yeah in the street!
    In general 80’s for me was the best period for music, movies…for arts in general…


  5. Sarah Jessice Parker is very pretty but she does not have a flawless skin complexion _

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