80s dance flicks

January 17, 2008

We discovered a new (well, old but new to us) phenomenon last night, a little known movie genre that appears to have tired its best to catch hold in the 80s, with little impact. The film was “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and we’ve placed it in the 80s dance movies category. It wasn’t a musical, but it was saturated with sporadic dance sequences, one even involving well-choreographed punks crashing a debutante ball.

We Netflixed this movie because I had never gotten around to watching it before, even though it was released in 1985. Carlos and Itzul hadn’t even heard of it.

It stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as the odd-couple friends who want to get on a TV dance show. I wasn’t prepared for how goofy it was, but it was still fun to watch.

The film brought to mind all the other 80s movies with dance as its central theme. Here’s a few that we came up with:


I guess there was some kind of dance revolution going on among 80s teens that I missed. Then again, I was still an adolescent when these movies came out. Maybe it’s like the “Bring it On,” “Step Up” or “You Got Served” films of recent years.


I say 10 weeks, but this figure could sway between 8 and 12, depending on how early or late this baby wants to arrive. Diego joined us about two weeks early, but a beautiful healthy boy no less.

I’m amazed at the differences between this pregnancy and my first, and the different anxieties I’m feeling because of them. With Diego, I wouldn’t dream of having coffee or Cokes. This time around, I practically need a mid-day Coke fix, and my half-cup of drip each morning. I have tried the decaf thing, and only truly apply it when at coffee shops, where their drip seems to be 20 times stronger than what we make at home (or at the office).

I’m also making a lot less healthy choices. No prenatal yoga this time, no walking around with a trusty water bottle. I know I should be sipping on some water instead of finishing my coffee right now, but it’s almost like the baby craves it as much as I do now. Unlike my first pregnancy, I also have a 2 year-old constantly at my feet, or begging to be held or entertained. It’s so draining. Does that count as exercise?

My doctor assures me the baby is developing great and appears to be totally healthy. Time will tell. I’m worried he won’t nurse, and I’ll have to mess with formula. But I’m determined to make this kid nurse, and pray it goes as smoothly as it did with Diego. The thought of nursing another 15 months terrifies me. When will I get to enjoy and finish a full beer? I’m also not planning on introducing solids until the 6 month mark, if I have the pediatrician’s blessing. I’d like to make my own baby food again, but will I have the time?

Returning to work is another obstacle I’m quietly preparing for but won’t actually know the challenges until the day comes. That’s supposed to be July 28, if our finances hold. My strategy is to take both kiddies to day care half-time. That will be like 2 for the price of one, except my day will end closer to 11 or 12 p.m. Then I have the afternoons to write, probably when Carlos gets home. But from the constant rumblings in my belly, we might have another active baby boy on our hands. At least he won’t be mobile for several months after his birth.