new car?

December 7, 2007

We’re going car window-shopping tomorrow, if all this snow melts and we’re not risking life and limb to make it out of Walla Walla. We’re heading to the “big town,” the Tri-Cities, to check out the Mazda CX-9 crossover SUV. It is a beautiful car and with seats for seven, the ideal family car/grown up upgrade we’re looking for. I think deep down I know we’ll probably end up with a few years old minivan, but I want to love my car. In my mind it also doesn’t hurt to look. Sometimes it just motivates you more to reach for that goal or make it work. Or else you realize what you’re cherishing is not as good a fit for you as you’d thought. Maybe if there’s a good enough offer, we can pull it off. What else are we busting our butts off working full-time for anyway, right?
The teenager has been getting annoyed with us every time we go look at things we know we can’t afford yet. Like Carlos and I really like going to open houses, even thought we have no need to move for probably another two years, when the new baby is old enough to possibly want his own room. But we enjoy seeing what’s out there. Maybe we’ll find an ideal home, at a great price, and it would be silly not to take up the opportunity. Plus I’m just really nosy.

The need for a new car is a lot more imminent than a new house at this point. Our Jetta already feels way too small. Adding an infant car seat beside Diego’s car seat is going to totally consume the back seat and annoy whoever ends up sitting back there (probably me, since the teen has sworn to not sit back there once the new baby comes). Then we’re also left without room for a passenger.

We’ll be doing our Christmas shopping up there as well. We’re being frugal this year, focusing on just the kids and limiting it to three presents for each one (one from each member of the family). On Sunday Carlos is heading to the forest to cut down a Christmas tree with our editor. The permit only cost $5, and we actually got a free one at a raffle at work. Free Christmas tree this year! Just gotta bring your own saw. Let’s hope they each make it home in one piece.


One Response to “new car?”

  1. Alasdair said

    I’m pretty sure we’ll make it back alive, with an 11-foot tree for you!

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