Diego speaks

October 17, 2007

It took our little guy a while to crank out the words, but as his second birthday nears next month he’s picking up words every day, it seems. He was a little slow to develop his vocab, but he’s been busy mastering walking, running, ball kicking and throwing, climbing, etc. It makes me proud to see him kick a soccer ball like a little star, when some kids his age are still working on that. But getting him to put two words together has been trickier. I think these are all the words he says:

ball, bus, car, police, waffle, agua, keys, mama, dog, simpsons, movie, no, yea, scooter, stroller, bed, pumpkin, park, downtown, spider, bug, poo-poo, i did it, … and then he has his own made-up words for fire truck, blanket, outside, afuera, dadda (more like aba) and sister or itzul (didi, i think) and some other sounds he makes that when I play the guessing game turn out to be actual things.

I have some comfort in knowing that he understands a lot more than he speaks. When I ask if he’s hungry or if he wants to eat, he answers accordingly. Hopefully he gets good marks at his 2-year check-up with the doctor.


3 Responses to “Diego speaks”

  1. Alasdair said

    Well, it is good he’s got waffle down. Breakfast is always covered!

  2. cat said

    Ooohhh…he’s getting big and I’m sure as cute as ever!! Effie is just about 1 and just sayin’ mama. She’s takin’ her steps now too.

  3. Kimberly said

    Probably because he is learning TWO languages!! p.s. enjoying this very much!

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