oh, heroes

October 9, 2007

I’ve been getting frustrated with the slow-moving plot of the second season of Heroes. Last night showed signs of moving along at a more heart-pounding rate. It might be because we watched the entire first season on DVD, so we could easily watch three episodes in one night and get our fill of what was to come. But even having to wait from one week to the next for one hour chunks of entertainment, it still seems like we’re not quite getting around to the point. Here are my highs and lows from last night:


– Peter getting to flex his powers again, like reading minds, moving large things with his mind, nearly killing someone. and of course coming back from the dead.

– Claire finding the tracking marks on her new beau, and realizing her father’s dark legacy isn’t quite buried yet.

–  Ando finding the 400 year old note in Hiro’s sword.

–  Sylar making his come-back, and flexing his badass evil muscles.

now the lows:

– Claire’s flying through the sky scene with the new boy. It felt kinda Disney or ABC family to me.

– Peter not snapping out of it and getting out of Ireland. What is with this guy? You just found out you can’t die, can read minds and can move things with your mind, and you’re still waiting around for something?

– Niki up to her old bad-mom tricks. Enough with this anticipation, just kill someone or whatever.

– the twins in Mexico. I get it, she can kill people and she needs her brother. Do we really need to see this same poin three episodes in a row? Get them to the U.S. already.

–  Hiro in ancient Japan. I’m tired of him being back there. This better be going somewhere big and splashy.


2 Responses to “oh, heroes”

  1. carlos said

    You are so right about the Claire flying scene. It even had the cheesy music. I could do without Sylar. I think there are too many threads in the new season. They should have streamlined the story some. We’ve got the mysterious killer on the loose – that is good. We’ve got Mohinder infiltrating the company – that is good. We’ve got Higo in feudal Japan – that is pretty good. We’ve got Sylar recovering somewhere – that isn’t so good. We’ve got Peter in Ireland for no apparent reason – that isn’t so good either. The last two are holding up the story line. I want to see more of Nathan and the mysterious killer.

  2. cat said

    I understand how you feel, West, Clarie’s flying guy actually give me the creeps, he’s not cute to me. I like Hiro in Japan but they do need to pick up the pace and move it forward, I get that he likes the girl and that he’s trying to right history, I think Kensei is still around has to be immortal…my friends and I say he’s the guy in picture that was blurred out…The Twins are good but yeah they do just give you the same thing again and again, when Sylar gets between them it should be good. I’m interested in Mr. Bennett and his plans, Peter should finally lose his emo trip and get into gear.

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