mama shopping

September 17, 2007

I did something this weekend I haven’t really done since last fall when we started our new jobs. I finally got some new clothes. They are in part to accommodate my new belly, and also to give me a little more confidence by not wearing clothes that are nearing three years old.

I spent just under $200, and got: a fall coat, a pair of maternity pin stripe pants, maternity khakis, a dressy black shirt for work, a casual long sleeve T for work, a cute green top with polka dots and puff sleeves, a red v-neck top (also with dots and cute sleeves) and a loose black top with yellow flowers that can be dressed up or down. I’m proud of what I got because none of the tops are maternity shirts but will last me through most of the pregnancy. I loathe maternity shirts! But I can’t get around the maternity pants unless I want to wear elastic waist plus-size pants (yuck). I’m surprised at how cute the pants I got are. What really convinced me to get them is that they don’t look like maternity pants. They both have zippers and buttons on the front, belt loops, and the secret trick is elastic on the back section. That’s easily concealed with the tops I got.

I felt a little guilty considering the baby needs new fall and winter clothes, and Carlos hasn’t got new clothes in a while either. But at least his clothes still fit. The baby is next in line for clothes, and I feel comfortable knowing I can get him clothes to last him until spring for under $100. Of course after that he’ll never wear those clothes again. Must be nice.


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