September 12, 2007

Am listening to Thom Yorke Eraser album. Counting down the minutes to head home from work. Have already depleted my brain function for the day, and am getting little to no work done anyway. The natural cycle of the end of the day. Let’s see, what else is on my mind. I desperately need new maternity clothes. And shoes. The threads I’m wearing are slightly older than my son, who turns 2 in a couple of months. Totally unacceptable. I’d try my hand at making some dresses or loose blouses if I had any energy at the end of the day. It hit me yesterday what a tough job it is to manage a home. We get home and need to unload the dishwasher and load the dirty dishes that have piled up in the sink. I need to prep for dinner, which means getting more dishes dirty and loaded. During that time, someone needs to play with Diego and give him a snack if he’s cranky or thirsty. I wish I could do it all but I can’t. I know Carlos is exhausted as well. And we don’t want to pressure Itzul, the teenager, with too much housework. We’d rather she focus on her homework and keeping her room in order. Last night the dishes got done, everyone got fed, Diego only fussed a while, got to run around outside, and then I got a glance at the spilling over laundry in the hamper by the washer and dryer. I had a vision of the two loads of clean clothes in our bedroom that still had to be folded and put away. My head started to throb. But luckily Carlos lent a hand and we got one load washed and most everything that was already clean put away. Which just leads to another day. It might be time to research a cleaning lady. I’m not sure I can stand to spend my only free time, weekends and after work, doing chores and sweeping or scrubbing.


One Response to “Random”

  1. cat said

    you are working hard indeed. when i talk to sara she’s so happy when she can go to sleep at night knowing all the dishes are done and put away. our mom brain washed us into being neat freaks which isn’t necessarily bad. having help around the house for cleaning does help though, my sister splurges on a cleaning lady when she has the extra cash.

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