good-bye rain

August 21, 2007

It started raining Saturday night and through Sunday. It felt odd to have a chilly breeze blowing into the house instead of the dry, stuffy heat we’ve been tortured with for the last month. The rain stuck through Sunday and into Monday, keeping the temperature in the 60s. It reminded me how much I love overcast skies and hearing the rain fall. I’ve decided fall is my favorite season in Walla Walla. The winter is too cold and long and puts too much demand on our furnace. Spring is too short and, although beautiful, only leaves us sneezing and coughing. And summer would be tolerable, if we didn’t have to work in an office. I realize I can’t stand dressing for summer, and then coming into an office that is artificially cooled to a degree that I need to wear a sweater indoors. It’s too confusing to my body. But with fall, you get the beauty of the leaves turning, rain to turn the lawn green, and a spooky feeling in the air that I love and associate with Halloween and a reminder of all the other holidays that are just around the corner.


One Response to “good-bye rain”

  1. cat said

    I love he Fall feeling with Halloween on the way. It’s been crazy hot down in CA, everyone is grouchy complaining about the heat.

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