beating the heat

July 13, 2007

It’s supposed to reach anywhere from 102 to 109 today, and probably about as bad tomorrow. We’ve decided to drive to the coast on Saturday to visit Portland for the day and escape this awful, dry heat. I’m so glad we have air-conditioning, but it still means being cooped up at home and stressing about the electric bill later this month.

Our poor lawn is not doing very well. The back is fine, a few dry patches here and there, but it’s coming around. But the front…different story. We don’t have underground sprinklers. We have a lot of grass. I’d started watering it at night, after Diego fell asleep, but all that did was develop moss. Now I think I may have sickened the poor lawn. I’ve been getting up at 5 a.m. to water it by hand. What a pain. It takes an hour to do it, while the sprinkler runs in the back. And it still looks pale and anemic. We’ll probably fertilize in the fall and cross our fingers for next spring.

Part of our trip to Portland stems from an impulse online buy I made. I thought I was getting this awesome deal on a duvet, skirt and shams for our bedroom from Unfortunately, the beautiful bedding turned out to be a quilt instead. We’re going to an Anthropologie store in Portland for the return. One less thing to have to pay on the credit card next month, woo-hoo!

I may check out a new Queen Bee tote bag while I’m there. Carlos got me one for Christmas almost three years ago and it’s barely holding up. I use it every day. The bags are great. They’re hand-made vegan purses, made of vinyl but to look leather-like. They’re stitched with pretty designs and patterns. My current bag is canary yellow with big fat raindrops on it.


experiment’s end

July 6, 2007

Carlos and I did surprisingly well eating in the last two weeks. We only slipped twice: I got us burgers for lunch the day after he fractured his elbow skating (I thought we both needed them) and once for lunch during 4th of July to get pulled pork sandwiches at our big celebratory event at the park. But the remaining 31 or so meals we made ourselves. I’m really quite proud of us. And I came away with some new recipes.

So Carlos hurt himself pretty badly skateboarding. He’s 35, and has realized his long lost love for skating. There is a group of men in our town right around his age who skated as youths, gave it up for a while, and picked it back up in their 30s. Carlos has been really dedicated hitting the skate park, and most recently, venturing to the ramp in a warehouse that is used by a few select “members.” This is where he gave himself a hairline crack in the elbow attempting to “drop in” to the lowest part of the ramp. I was actually encouraging him to try it. He was so well padded in every other respect: knees, head, wrists. But for some stubborn reason he wasn’t wearing his elbow pads.

I gave him my lecture on how skating is dangerous and he’s too old to be taking up these high risk sports, especially when we’re all alone up here and have an active 20-month-old to raise. He got a little “skate or die” on me, telling me that I could be walking or running and hurt my knee, or pull a muscle, and that skating is no worse than that, or bicycle riding. I disagreed.

At one point he said, “I’m not bungee jumping. I’m not shark diving.” After some loud talking and a few tears, we understood each other.

I warned him if he breaks anything else, I’m confiscating the skateboard, and he can take up riding his bike again for exercise (as long as it’s not down any hills).

This weekend we’re going to a flea market about an hour north of us. I’m hoping to find some interesting things, maybe for the house. I’m going to do a story on it for our paper. Hope there’s good things to report back.