social restraint experiment

June 25, 2007

Carlos and I made a pinky-swear promise the other night to only eat at home until our next paycheck. That will mean two weeks, or about 14 days, of home-prepared meals. The rule will be that if we don’t have enough food to make a meal at home, we’ll go to the store and buy what we need. Usually when this happens at our house we head to a restaurant, then vow to buy groceries the next day. A few days later, we finally make it to the store. But we never seem to know exactly what to buy. We get staples, but then are missing key ingredients to complete a meal. Now we have no excuses. I’m trying to be flexible, though. Frozen pizzas or already cooked foods count, as long as its from the grocery store. I hope we realize how valuable it is to eat at home, and in the end maybe we’ll save some cash.


4 Responses to “social restraint experiment”

  1. La Flor said

    i don’t like recipes. throwing this and that together becomes something yummy. try it next time you lack something. maybe you’ll like experimenting 😉

  2. BONGO MIRROR said

    I find that it results in better food and especially in healthier food in which case I feel better after eating. In fact, we’ve been doing this for long enough that instead of feeling good when I eat at home, I feel good normally and feel gross after eating out.

  3. BONGO MIRROR said

    I managed to make a liar out of myself in something less than six hours. Right after leaving this comment, a friend phoned to say he’d like to go out for dinner with my kids and his little girl. So, out we went and gorged on sushi and barbecued flesh of mammal.

    And, NO DISHES! Woooie! That’s what credit cards are for.

  4. mipilar said

    we’ve been doing well so far this week, although it’s only been three days. it’s tough to eat three meals a day at home. we’re lucky in that our house is less than a mile from where we work, so we can go home for lunch. but we also work by a lot of good little restaurants, and it’s too easy to go grab some pizza or deli sandwiches for lunch. i hope we make it the 14 days…and then we’re going to enjoy a nice meal out — that means no cooking and no dishes!

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