big boy

June 24, 2007

Our plan for the weekend had been to get Diego a “big boy” bed. Really what we had in mind was a toddler bed that would hold his crib mattress. He’s been getting a little more difficult with the bedtime routine, and we thought perhaps he’d be ready for a little bed. One of my coworkers talked me out of it, at least temporarily. She said that toddler beds are not practical, because in less than a year (or maybe two) he’ll be ready for a twin size bed. We haven’t budgeted for a new twin bed yet. We also have the added complication of planning for another baby. Would it be smarter to get the toddler bed and wait until he’s really ready for the twin; go ahead and get a twin bed; or get a set of bunk-beds in anticipation for a younger sibling? I think the bunk-beds would work best. That way when he’s older and has friends over, even if there isn’t a younger Virgen member running around, we’ll have space. But we can’t afford a new frame and two new mattresses yet. We could probably just get one mattress, and just use one of the bunk beds, as my coworker also noted. Anyway, it’s still up in the air. I still think the toddler bed would be work the $60.

So we held off on buying any beds, and got Diego a “big boy” booster high chair, instead. He’s been getting cranky about his regular high chair, and has been more interested in sitting with us at the regular table. But he disappears in the seat and can barely see his meal just sitting on the regular chair. I guess I probably shouldn’t even let him sit there. So he’s delighted with the booster. He’s got his own place at our table in the kitchen, and is getting quite skilled at drinking from a cup without a spill-proof lid. Our dining room table is a little trickier. We have a gathering table that is a bit higher than a regular table. I probably shouldn’t strap him in the booster chair in one of those, which are high like bar stools. Maybe with careful supervision, or maybe in a year or two.


6 Responses to “big boy”

  1. Alasdair said

    For what it is worth:

    Bunk beds were great when we were small, but I think you, as in you, Maria, might not be willing to tolerate the safety issues (falling out, getting stuck between the mattress and frame) that come with having a bunk bed for your own small person(s).

    Not that I’m a big fear-monger. I do know at least one highly competent home-projects person who would be happy to help out if you were looking to make something yourselves… And I know he has power tools, too.

  2. mipilar said

    Al – Maybe you can help us build a head board for our bed . . . it’s one of those projects we’ve had on the back burner and actually really no idea how to do . . . anytime you’re down for a home project, let us know. Would you happen to know how to install security doors? :0)

  3. Alasdair said

    I think I know more about locks & doors than I do about beds… I know what you mean about back burners, too 🙂

  4. BONGO MIRROR said

    One of my kids did wipe out climbing down from a bunk bed. Fortunately, the landing was padded by a pile of soft stuff instead of pointy Lego towers and thus there was no serious injury.

    Bunk beds are a draw for frisky play on the top bunk. Making the top bed is too difficult for a child. The main advantage is space saving — and that’s why we got a set in the first place. If you can find another solution to the space issue (or just live with a crowded kids’ room), I recommend against them.

  5. mipilar said

    thank you so much for the advice! we really have no experience with any of this, and appreciate real-world feedback. i think we’re going with the toddler bed, and then we’ll just get a twin with time. i’ll worry about the second baby once i’m pregnant, which will still be a ways away.

  6. Menaka said

    Good luck, the transition to a big bed even a toddler bed is trick esp with a almost 2 year old as he realizes he has some free will (unless Diego as already figured it out). Maile has been in a twin since she was one (now 3) but I slept with her for the first year once she would wake up around midnight. (I would not recommend that, difficult habit to break for both of us.) But now she has got it down and the rule is she can get up only 2 times for one more kiss etc. Mostly she gets up once, sometimes none. I would recommend a twin bed so you don’t have to make a third transition. You don’t have to buy the whole bed with frame and everything right now. Just a bed on the floor will do. A railing may not even be neccessary then. I am curious as to what you do.

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