June 18, 2007

I’ve been bombarded the last few weeks with privacy notices from my credit people. I wanted to share some of my knowledge as the family’s CFO about these missives. Definitely read through them. Read up to the part where it talks about how the credit people share your private information with other agencies. I am always floored by how much junk mail I get from credit cards that I already have. If I wanted a better interest rate, I’d call and ask for one! If I wanted cash advance checks, I’d request them! It is so important, at least I think, to read through those sections until you get to the part that reads, “if you don’t want us to share your information with affiliated or third-party companies, follow these instructions.” In the case of a few credit cards, I had to fill in a slip at the end of the privacy policy with my account numbers and with the appropriate boxes checked off. I put those in the mail today. The Best Buy Card people sent me my privacy notice electronically. I read through the fine print, and in their case, I need to call a phone number to get them to not share my information. I am guessing I will probably need my account number, so it’s a task that will have to wait until I get home and dig up the card from the hole in the back yard…but seriously, it is stashed somewhere so that I am not tempted to buy video game systems or the Sex and the City boxed set every time I walk in there.

I just wanted to share some of my (almost) junk-free living tactics with others, in case you are in the habit of not opening the privacy statements or not getting to that vital last section where you get to make a decision on how you’re solicited to.


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