June 5, 2007

Finally finished “Petropolis” today. I blogged about it last week I think, so it took me a few days to finish it. In my previous life I could have probably finished it in a couple of nights. I really, really enjoyed the story, although I would probably recommend waiting for the second edition because there were some typos and glaring grammatical errors…at least to me. The story is written in third person, but is mainly told through the eyes of a young Russian girl who immigrates to the U.S. It was a bit odd to read dialogue that was meant to be in Russian but typed in English, and then getting to the characters really speaking English, when it seems that is what they’ve been doing all along. This immigrant, or foreigner, perspective might be why the grammar errors are there, like using entitled instead of titled or emigrated instead of immigrated. The “entitled” slip almost made me put the book down, I was so disappointed. But it had been such an engrossing read that I kept going. The main character of the book is a total anti-hero. She is chubby, awkward, feisty, and kind of dumb. But she gets in great adventures, and let’s her poor judgment lead her to great things. The book is also about severe poverty, endurance, survival, sacrifice, and even love, although it’s hard to tell because so many of the “loves” in the story are selfish deep down. Short of explaining the whole plot, it is a bitter, painful story that was easy to get through because of the humor and ridiculousness of the characters.


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