May 30, 2007

Carlos and I took Diego to his first music festival in Washington on Saturday. It’s called the Sasquatch! festival and it’s held every year around Memorial Day weekend. We had to drive about three hours out of Walla Walla to get to the Gorge Amphitheater, where it was held over two days. We only went to one, and even that was exhausting. We got there about Noon and left a little before 11 p.m., in the middle of Arcade Fire. As much as I hated leaving, we were so tired, quite cold, and ready for bed. We missed hearing Bjork play, but we did get to see Ozomatli, The Hold Steady, Mix Master Mike, Niko Case, and our highlight, Manu Chau. I’m glad we saw what we did of Arcade Fire, who were amazing.

I’m not going to be able to properly capture the sight of the Gorge, so here are some pics:





4 Responses to “Sasquatch!”

  1. BONGO MIRROR said

    Nice pics! I think they did a great job of giving a feel for the gorge. (Maybe that’s just because you sat about the same place we did last time we were there. I think kids that age cause one to sit up at the top).

  2. mipilar said

    Oh, cool, you’ve been there. Are you from Washington?

  3. BONGO MIRROR said

    No. I live in Calgary. A few years ago we took the kids down to see the Allman’s and the Dead ’cause we figured the Dead weren’t going to be playing much longer and we wanted them to at least once in their life have seen Bobby live.

    I really like the gorge amphitheatre. I like shows there because it is so out of the way and the crowds are devoted fans instead of riff-raff. But, it is a long drive and now that homeland security is the way it is, it is just too much hassle to go to the US.

    Our youngest was about the same age as yours looks in the picture. The hill and the other kids were great.

  4. cat said

    Sounds like an awesome time! Like the short hair! Diego is cute as ever and getting big!

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