the window

May 25, 2007

I came home today from a walk with Diego and realized I’d left a window open in the kitchen. No biggie, no one broke in, but we’ve been extra careful about locking our house since we were burglarized a few months ago.

Every time I open the kitchen window I’m reminded of it. The window is large and opens by sliding from one side to the other. There’s a vertical slit in the screen, and a bit of a pry mark, where I think they poked a knife through to see if they could push the window open. It didn’t, because it locks and is also double-paned. Our bedroom window was not locked, and they must have tried the knife-prying trick on it and realized it slid right open. When I got home from work that day, after picking up the baby, I noticed our front security door was open.  Sometimes it would blow open with the wind because we rarely locked it. But it still seemed odd. Then as I pulled into the driveway, I noticed our back gate open. I knew it had been closed. Even as I walked through the back patio, and noticed the bedroom window screen on the lawn, it didn’t really hit me that someone had broken in. Then the back door was shut but unlocked. Again I resisted believing we’d been burglarized. It only really hit me when I walked into the living room and our television was gone. It still didn’t appear like someone had been there. The drawers weren’t emptied out, the house wasn’t a huge mess. But all our electronics were gone. Gameboy, Game Cube, my laptop, our cameras, and the TV.

We did get slightly lucky. We ended up finding our television stashed beside our garage, in a little walkway we’d barely noticed when we bought the house. The police believed one of our neighbors had scared the crooks off as she walked by our house on her way home from school. All of this happened within minutes of me coming home. The way they came in was through the walkway beside the garage, where there was a gate we’d never thought to check that opened up into an alley. We’ve since put a padlock on that gate, and figured out how to lock our bedroom window.

All I can say is I hope karma took care of whoever did that to us. Luckily our insurance helped out with the loss, and we got a little wiser and not so trusting about our house.


One Response to “the window”

  1. BONGO MIRROR said

    The robbery sucks. My sympathies.

    One of the things I dislike most about robberies is that one then has to be paranoid about locking things. That kind of paranoia isn’t fun.

    My workplace recently had a bizarre set of robberies and so everyone there has to be careful. The bizarreness of the robbery is that the thief was eating an egg salad sandwich and a trail of bits of it indicating his path.

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