books and babies

May 22, 2007

I can’t say enough good things about reading books to little ones. Carlos and I don’t own much, but we do own a lot of books. Since Diego was born we’ve been collecting some of the baby-lit classics, like Good Night Moon, Guess How Much I Love You? and Buenas Noches Gorilla. We do have books in English and Spanish, and I have to admit I enjoy reading the Spanish books a lot more because it keeps me fresh on my diction. It also always amazes me how beautiful and eloquent written Spanish sounds.

Today Diego impressed us with his curiosity about books. I had to drag him indoors after running around in the yard, much to his displeasure. But it was time to get him ready for bed. In his room, he reached for a book on his book shelf, then realized it wasn’t the one he wanted. He put that book back and got the one next to it, “Dig, Dig, Digging.” It’s a little board book on diggers and tractors and other vehicles that absolutely mesmerize Diego. He got a little distracted after that, but in a few moments the three of us were in the living room, and I was telling Carlos about how Diego reached for the book. Then I asked Diego, “Do you want to read ‘Dig, Dig, Digging?'” And he nodded his head yes. So I asked him to go in his room to get it. He ran away, and Carlos and I waited excitedly to see if he’d bring the right book. He did, and an absolute sense of pride and amazement washed over me. My little guy not only understood what book to get, he wanted us to read it to him! He sat on Carlos’ lap and sat through the whole book.

Diego is 18 months old and it has taken a long time to get him to sit through a whole book, even if its just a board book. So for any mommies out there who get frustrated trying to read your infant a book, be patient and keep on reading, even if your little one loses interest to play with something else. I have a feeling they’re still listening.


2 Responses to “books and babies”

  1. Carlos said

    The first book he purposely grabbed on his own was “Buenas Noches Gorila.” But like you said, he is only now sitting through a whole book. And he was able to point a few different vehicles in the “Dig, Dig, Digging” book when I asked him. His speech maybe a little slow in developing but his reading comprehension is coming along just fine.

  2. Alasdair said

    “Buenas Noches Gorila” is a great first choice! Officially approved by primate fans near you 🙂

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