yard work

May 20, 2007

Today Carlos, Diego and  I spent most of the morning clearing the bushes in our back yard. We have tall bushes lining most of the yard, which keeps things cozy and private since the fence is chain link. But the lilac bushes and assorted vegetation were long overdue a good pruning and clearing. I tried to cut through overgrown branches but realized it was going to take me much longer than one day to do it. So instead I cleaned up the dirt around the trunks, which still took a good chunk of the morning. We stopped when our trash can filled up. Getting to make our yard pretty is something I like about owning a house. We definitely have a “starter” house, and it needs a lot of work, but little details go a long way. If we keep the yard nice, and then maybe do some painting inside to personalize, it’s going to feel a lot more like our place and not the place we bought several months ago.

The rest of the afternoon we spent at Mill Creek, for a duck derby fundraiser. All the ducks got stuck near the starting line because winds were working counter to the flow of the water. We left after about an hour of staring at the water, waiting for ducks that never came. Before that we visited a lot of little booths, drank free soda and popcorn and had some hot dogs.


One Response to “yard work”

  1. Norma said

    I enjoy reading your blog. I relate to what you write. Ever thought of writing a book? I found this link on Carlos’s myspace.

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