weird coincidence

May 18, 2007

My editor and I had a weird parallel universe moment the other day.  I asked him for some advice on a loan check I recently got to consolidate loans, and he named off not just the name of the company I got it from but also the dollar amount.

Turns out he’d gotten the same line of credit, for the same amount, for the same purpose. The only difference is that he got a better interest rate, and he was paying it off in three years against my four year terms. But we applied for the loans at the same time, and got the checks on the same day. He’d already cashed his. He was consolidating debt as well. It was a bit eerie, but not the first time something like this has happened to me.

At my last job, one of the younger editors and I also had a freak moment. He’d gone to school in San Diego for an English degree. He’d gone to Syracuse for a master’s degree. His first job was at a small paper in the Adirondack mountains, can’t recall the name right now. And then he came to the Star as a reporter before becoming an editor.

I’d also gotten an English degree in San Diego, but at a different school. Same Syracuse master’s program. Interviewed for a job at the Adirondack paper, but turned it down. I did have a good internship after college, but my first full-time job was at the Star. I’m not an editor yet, though. That editor is now working at the L.A. Daily News. He really pushed for me to take a job there, but having the baby changed my plans. I did freelance a bit before moving to Walla Walla. And he and his wife had  a baby (a girl) last year.

Maybe this means I’m destined to work at the Daily News. Or be an editor. Haven’t asked Al what his future plans hold, but maybe owning a CRV is in my future as well.


One Response to “weird coincidence”

  1. Alasdair said

    Well, we are both very stylish, so I’m sure that’s the explanation… My future? Yours? Good question(s). I hope they’re somewhere sunny and warm. Funny, I was just looking at a paper in Utica the other day… but that’s just near the ADKs, not quite in them.

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