LA weekend

May 15, 2007

We went to Los Angeles this weekend to see our moms and my grandma who turns 99 this year. We met with my friend Joanna and her boyfriend one day and got coffee near their West Hollywood apartment. They are in a weird quandary right now about their home. They have a big two bedroom apartment that costs them about $1,700 a month. By Walla Walla prices, that’s outrageous. In WeHo, that’s an unheard of bargain. They’re looking for a one-bedroom place that’s perhaps more modern or in a historic building. But that will mean they will be paying way more, maybe $1,000 more, for a smaller place. So they’re kind of stuck.

To show how ridiculous housing has gotten in LA, some one bedroom condos being built across the street from their apartment are starting at $900,000. That’s insane to me. I hope Joanna and Nevo end up moving somewhere like Portland so they’ll be closer to us!

While we were drinking our coffee, Joanna found a note in her bag where she and Nevo had written their New Year’s resolutions. It made me want to write up weekly resolutions so I can slowly kill all my little bad habits.

1. No more soda. I’ve gotten a little crazy with the Coke’s.

2. No more trolling the internet or MySpace for dirt on ex-boyfriends or Carlos’ ex-girlfriends.  I’m way too nosy.

3.  No more touching my hair or scalp. I’ve been very fidgety since I cut off my hair and then I wonder why my face is breaking out.


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