May 11, 2007

We might be getting rid of our cable soon. We’ve tried to work with it, and have welcomed some great shows into our lives, but enough is enough. I don’t like myself when I watch television. As much as I welcome the chance to stare at something and not have to think about anything relevant, I am afraid of what the television may be doing to little, impressionable Diego. I don’t want a distracted, hyper child who can’t focus on a lesson because the commercials in his brain are telling him it’s time for a soda, or whatever.

With that said, these are the shows I’ll miss once its gone:


We rented the first season for kicks while it was still in the second season and have been hooked. Each week there are new characters and plot twists.

What Not to Wear

Of all the chick shows I’ve gotten Carlos hooked on, this may be my greatest triumph. There is something so wrong, so annoying, and so admirable about this cute Jewish gal and cute gay guy teaching frumpy women how to dress. Shopping has always been theraputic. Never imagined watching someone shop and transform would be just as satisfying.


That’s America’s Next Top Model to the uninitiated. Sexy models, Tyra’s posing, cat fights, it’s all too sinfully delicious.


One Response to “t.v.”

  1. symmulacra said

    I got rid of my cable 9 years ago.

    I’m happier and have much more time to spend with my children and reading (and of course wasting time on the net).

    I most heartily recomment getting rid of it.

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