Thinking about baby #2

April 17, 2007

Carlos and I have had babies on the brain for a while now. Diego is not really the “baby” anymore, and becoming quite the toddler. He can feed himself, run around well, climb a couple of steps and play well on his own. He also “talks” quite a stream, although we’re not sure what he’s saying yet. If we ask him what he wants, he’ll nod or shake his head, and holler an enthusiastic “yeah” when we find the object of his desire.
So obviously we’re figuring out whether it’s time to plan for baby number two. And really, I’m still figuring out whether I want Diego to have a younger sibling. When I see how excited he gets around other children, I can’t wait for him to have a little sister or brother for him to guide and play with. But when I think about doing it all over again – the year of nursing, pureeing veggies, changing diapers, sleepless nights – and adding Diego to the equation, I wonder if I can handle it. Sadly, we have to consider our finances as well. Things have been going well for us, probably better than we imagined, because we are both working full time. Day care is probably our biggest expense next to the mortgage, but it’s manageable.
We’ve been thinking of trying for baby number two early next year, and hopefully welcoming our second bundle of joy by the time Diego is 3. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to wait that long. I think I’m ready to be pregnant now. At least that way my maternity clothes will still be in style. But then when I think of the baby being here, I can’t imagine how we’ll adjust. How long will I take off work? I know we can’t afford two kids in day care. Would I try to work part time from home, while managing two children? Or work full-time from home, but send Diego to day care until he’s ready for preschool?
I guess we’ll probably approach it along the same way we handled Diego’s arrival: take it a day at a time, trim and cut everywhere imagineable, and realize how quickly it all passes.
I can’t imagine of any greater gift to give Diego than a baby brother or sister. But would we be sacrificing the comforts we have now? I also don’t want to struggle with a new baby the way we did when Diego was an infant. I guess chance will guide us better than reason can. And hopefully everything else will just fall into place.


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